Exciting news: Two new DC-DC EV charging sites now online! And even more …

Ampernext 30kW DC-DC EV charger new design

The summer is almost over, and I hope all of you have had nice and relaxing holidays! For us, at Ampernext, it was a very busy and intense period and naturally we would like to share our success with you. We’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion in our commitment to sustainable transportation. Thanks to […]

Fast EV charger with DC input travel to Switzerland

We are happy to share the delivery of our fast EV charger with DC input to our friends in Switzerland. All these months of development now pay off and we are quite satisfied with the outcome – a fully functional charger that can be fed directly from any DC source. Being one of the strongest […]

Fast DC charging platform born

New Charging Platform

We are very thrilled to share our success with you. Ampernext reached a very important milestone – our 30kW fast DC charging station platform is already charging electric vehicles. Hyundai Kona will be remembered as the first EV we charged and the first test that showed beyond doubt the skills of our engineering team. A […]

Quality that makes a difference


What is quality? How to achieve quality? Quality is not something that you achieve, quality is something that you need to embed in your company culture and maintain it every day. It is not a dry process that you can adopt and cover with a certificate, it is a state of mind, way of thinking […]

Introducing RFID to our products


We are very happy to announce that our system already supports RFID identification. Working with the standard and latest 13MHz technologies including the most popular Mifare classic tags and cards gives us the possibility not only to provide identification, but to provide more complex services and solutions. This step almost closes our EV charging solution. […]

DC charging control

DC Charging Control

We are very happy and excited to announce that we successfully completed the emulation tests with our DC charging control solution. The heart of our system is working great and as expected. Covering DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 we are ready to charge any CCS vehicle. Now we are eager for the next milestone – […]