Exciting news: Two new DC-DC EV charging sites now online! And even more …

Ampernext 30kW DC-DC EV charger new design

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The summer is almost over, and I hope all of you have had nice and relaxing holidays! For us, at Ampernext, it was a very busy and intense period and naturally we would like to share our success with you.

We’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion in our commitment to sustainable transportation. Thanks to our partners DEP and Innovenergy, we already have not one, but two new EV charging sites, both equipped with cutting-edge DC-DC EV fast chargers – one in Switzerland and one in the USA. More are coming to various locations in Europe and the USA.

This is not only our success, but a success of the whole idea of EV charging with battery source and solar energy. We already have the technology that is mature. And we are ready to scale.

Committed to staying ahead of the curve, by investing in DC-DC EV charging technology, we’re not only serving today’s EV charging needs but also preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Which brings us to the other thrilling news: we are delighted to unveil our new charger design.

With many changes inside, a more mature and better tuned platform, exciting new tools and features, integration of our DC-DC EV charger into your microgrid becomes even easier, but more importantly, it brings more efficiency to the whole DC grid.

  • Modular & scalable
  • Flexible and ready to be customized
  • All integrated. No additional components needed
  • Energy management capabilities based on the best practices
  • Communication with EMS over well-known industry protocols
  • For DC microgrids and battery energy storage


All these packed in a new sleek and innovative design that marks a significant step forward in enhancing your charging experience.

Meet the future of EV charging with us!

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