50kW Mobile Power Supply for DC Microgrids



The all new 50kW mobile power source is a highly advanced and efficient solution for providing DC source at microgrid test and demonstration installations. Being highly customizable, it can turn into an emergency generator, battery charger or power functional generator. You define the application, we will provide it for you!

This all-in-pack solution features integrated all electrical components including protections and requires no external components to power supply the DC grid. DC coupling is possible within minutes.

Equipped with Ethernet, RS485 and CAN connectivity options, it allows easy integration with the nowadays complex DC grids with centralized controlThe flexible platform, management capabilities and connection protocols are directly transferred from the best industry practices.

The high-quality 10” color display provides real-time information, making it user-friendly and easy to operate. 

Technical specification


Input connection

3-phase socket

Output connection

Direct connection to a bus bar through a cable gland

Physical and environmental

Enclosure rating

IP 54


Mobile on wheels


Forced ventilation

Operating temperature

-25 °C .. +55 °C

Connectivity, control, energy management



Display & buttons


10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RS 485, CAN

Energy management

Limiting output current & power

External dynamic control possibilities

Customized functionality on request


True color 10" display

AC input

Input voltage

260 Vac .. 530 Vac

Input current

< 100 A


45 .. 65 Hz

DC output

Output power

50 kW

Output voltage range

200 Vdc .. 1000 Vdc

Output current range

1 A .. 160 A

Conversion efficiency

> 95 %

Safety & standards compliance


Galvanic isolation between the input and the output

Overvoltage and undervoltage protections

Overcurrent and short circuit protections

Overtemperature protections and temperature power derating

The DC microgrid corner

The constantly increasing demand for improved and sustainable electric power will result in higher stress over the existing AC electrical networks, while they will tend to stay limited because of the enormous capital investments needed to be done to align them to the coming requirements.

Our mission in Ampernext is to provide innovative solutions, products and technologies allowing rapid adoption of smart DC networks, microgrids, battery storage hubs and mixed AC-DC coupled grids.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies and best practices, our DC microgrid corner provides resources for this new revolution.

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