60kW Mobile DC-DC EV Charger - DC Input



The all new and innovative fast 60kW 1000V mobile DC-DC EV charger with DC input is a highly advanced and efficient charging solution for providing EV charging capabilities for mobile applications. Bundle it with a battery or any DC-source generator and install it on a truck, trailer, van, or a pick-up, and you will get a charging solution that can go to any location to provide EV charging services.

Targeting the new emerging business for emergency charging, this solution provides all what is needed to build your own system for mobile charging.

This all-in-pack solution features integrated electrical DC input and output protections and precharge and requires no external components to connect to the DC source. DC coupling is possible within minutes.

Equipped with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connectivity options, with in-built OCPP support, this DC coupled EV charger allows easy integration and management by the e-mobility operator.

The energy management capabilities and connection protocols are directly transferred from the best industry practices and protocols like Modbus, making it easy to be integrated into systems with centralized control.

The high-quality 10” color display provides real-time information, making it user-friendly and easy to operate.

This DC coupled Level 3 EV charger provides true power output of 60 kW even to well-exhausted EV batteries. Being possible to provide voltage of 1000V, this EV charging station can charge any vehicle on the market – low-voltage architectures, high-voltage architectures, and even buses and trucks.

Based on a fully featured and flexible platform, we can modify the charger in many aspects to provide exactly the solution that you need.

Technical specification

Charging modes, connectors, cable

Charging Mode

DC fast charging, CCS, Mode 4, up to 1000V

Connector type

CCS1 or CCS2 (selectable)

Cable length

5m or 7.5m

Physical and environmental

Enclosure rating

IP 54


Free standing


Forced ventilation

Operating temperature

-25 °C .. +55 °C

Connectivity, control, energy management





RFID authorization

OCPP support


10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE




True color 10" display

Energy management

Limiting output current & power

External dynamic control possibilities

DC-Link sensing and prebuilt functions

DC input

Supply Voltage

300 Vdc up to 800 Vdc

DC output

Output power

60 kW

Output voltage range

150 Vdc .. 1000 Vdc

Output current range

1 A .. 200 A

Conversion efficiency

> 95 %

Safety & standards compliance


Galvanic isolation between the input and the output

Overvoltage and undervoltage protections

Overcurrent and short circuit protections

Overtemperature protections and temperature power derating

Standards compliance


EN/IEC 61851

DIN 70121

ISO 15118

Changing the paradigm

Our mission in Ampernext is providing innovative solutions and methods for rapid EV charging that take advantage of the latest technologies and advancements in smart DC networks, microgrids, battery storage hubs and mixed AC-DC coupled grids. Such an approach brings minimal to none impact of the existing AC infrastructure, while maximizing site revenue to the site owner.

Our DC-DC EV chargers based on the Elevation DC platform eliminate the need for AC to DC conversion bringing energy savings and faster changing times. This will change the whole paradigm of how the EV charging infrastructure will be built in the future.

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