Innovative Electric Vehicles charging stations

fast ev charging stations

EV charging stations with DC input by Ampernext

With DC Input

Design and manufacturing of fast DC-DC EV charging stations.

Based on the highly customizable ElevationDC platform for DC coupling with integrated MPPT functionality and dynamic load balancing.

Possibility to place EV charging spots even at places with no AC grid. Microgrids, DC grids and energy storage are the perfect match.

EV charging stations by Ampernext

With Extended Capabilities

Design and manufacturing of fast DC charging stations for electric vehicles based on a flexible platform that can be tuned for many applications.

Modular, scalable, all integrated, no external components needed, with many features reflecting our combined industrial experience.

Focus not only on cars, but buses, trucks, boats and aircrafts charging. Challenge us!

EV charging stations with battery storage by Ampernext

With Energy Storage

Design and manufacturing of fast EV chargers with integrated energy storage supporting multiple types of batteries and storage technologies.

Combining solar and other power sources to achieve the most efficient energy mix for charging the vehicle.

We provide the platform, you get help for the last mile!

Innovative AC-DC EV charger | Ampernext

30kW DC-DC EV Charger

The 30kW EV charging station up to 1000V with DC input is an advanced and efficient solution based on a highly customizable charging platform.

Can be coupled with any DC source including batteries and microgrids even at places where no AC grid is available.

The innovative energy balancing allows balancing the AC grid, can perform peak shaving and avoids double power conversion.

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